Sideanmeldelse: EU Casino - Vurderinger & analyse

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Sideanmeldelse: EU Casino - Vurderinger & analyse

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Aktiviteterne i de enkelte segmenter omfatter: Usikkerheden er afspejlet i den valgte diskonteringssats. Der henvises til note 12 til koncernregnskabet.

Alt BSI er indregnet i henhold til anvendt regnskabspraksis jf. Kommissionsspil, som spilles online, betales netto kontant.

Kommissionsspil, som spilles offline afregnes netto kontant, 8 dage. I koncernen er 11 personer I moderselskabet er 5 personer Af- og nedskrivninger Koncern 1.

Immaterielle aktiver Materielle aktiver Af- og nedskrivninger. Selskabet har igangsat en udskiftning af automaterne.

Der er ingen overforfaldne tilgodehavender pr. Andre tilgodehavender Koncern 1. Renter Andre tilgodehavender Andre tilgodehavender.

Der er ingen overforfaldne andre tilgodehavender. Likvide beholdninger Koncern 1. Forpligtelser fra finansieringsaktivitet primo.

Finansielle aktiver og forpligtelser Koncern 1. Noterede priser i et aktivt marked for samme type instrument.

Koncernens strategi retter sig alene mod styring og reduktion af finansielle risici, som relaterer sig til koncernens drift, investeringer og finansiering.

Rente- og kursrisiko Koncernens renterisiko relaterer sig hovedsageligt til selskabets investeringer i realkreditobligationer og statsobligationer i forbindelse med placering af overskudslikviditet.

Modpartsrisici reduceres ved udelukkende at placere indskud hos banker med en vurderet, tilfredsstillende kreditvurdering rating samt at investere i stats- og realkreditobligationer samt aktier og udenlandske kreditobligationer med lav risiko.

Fremtidige investeringer finansieres gennem overskydende likviditet eller fremmed kapital. Vederlag til bestyrelse, direktion og ledende medarbejdere henvises til note 7.

Et projekt i regi af Realdania. Kapitalandele i tilknyttede virksomheder Tilgodehavender fra salg og tjenesteydelser Pariplay is the leading technology and game providers for the Interactive Gaming Industry.

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In diesem Beitrag erzählen wir über. Mrz 25, 0 denis. How does it view the position adopted by Turkey in light of the EU's vital strategic need to ensure maximum energy efficiency and security?

What is its reaction to the persistent refusal of a candidate country to comply with the EU's repeated and clear recommendations that it should respect the sovereign rights of Member States?

In both and , Parliament adopted resolutions calling for Japan to provide guarantees that the agreement will be negotiated in a way that reflects the interests of both parties, and which takes account of the most vulnerable sectors, such as the automotive sector.

What is the Commission's view of the position adopted by Council? Does the Commission think that Member States share its opinion that now is an appropriate time to begin negotiations with Japan?

Having completed a study on the issue, does the Commission believe that Japan is ready and willing to strengthen cooperation to harmonise international standards?

Does it think that Japan is committed to eliminating all non-tariff barriers and preventing the imposition of new barriers of this kind? Before completing the study, did the Commission consult with industry on the result of the study and, more specifically, on the establishment of a roadmap for the elimination of non-tariff barriers in key sectors?

If so, have these sectors made clear their support for Japan's commitment to the roadmap concerning non-tariff barriers?

The Council has not yet expressed a formal position. The EU Member States will continue discussing the issue in autumn and the Commission looks forward to their decision.

The relevant industries have been consulted throughout the process of the scoping exercise and the specific roadmaps on Non-Tariff Barriers NTBs.

The Commission is pleased to inform the Honourable Member that the impact assessment, which was completed in preparation for the future FTA with Japan, has been published on the Commission's website.

There has been a steady increase in the number of complaints by citizens about the unfair practices of debtor information companies and law firms engaged in asset recovery.

The recent law laying down operating rules for debtor information companies has ultimately proved insufficient, since, in addition to the unfair practices of banks, an asset recovery role has now been assigned to law firms and asset recovery services that fall outside the relevant law and operate in defiance of common practice and violate the constitutionally guaranteed rights of the integrity of the person, honour, the inviolability of the home and personal data.

Furthermore, consumer associations complain that some banks circumvent the restrictions and prohibitions of this Law, going so far as to cede their claims to foreign companies without notifying the debtors, as they are required to do by the Civil Code.

How are Greek borrowers protected from the uncontrolled actions of agencies such as law firms and banks' asset recovery services, which have professionally assumed an asset recovering role, without being subject to the provisions and rules provided by the relevant legislation?

What is the state of affairs in all Member States in this area? Is it aware of similar practices in other Member States?

What action has been taken to address theses practices so as to ensure that borrowers, heavily indebted households and especially vulnerable groups are protected?

Will it make recommendations to the competent authorities in order to create a broader framework of rules governing the ceding of debts by financial institutions to third parties?

We have taken note of the observations of the Honourable Member on the practices concerning debt collection in Greece.

However, there is no European legislation on the functioning of debt collecting firms. The Commission has proposed a Draft Directive on credit agreements relating to residential property that is at present in the co-decision process.

This Draft Directive does not regulate the process of debt collection. The practices mentioned in the Staff Working Paper should be considered within their respective national contexts.

As far as debt settlement and foreclosure procedures are concerned, these are dealt with at national level and remain within the jurisdiction of the national authorities concerned.

Therefore, the issue described by the Honourable Member is a matter of national legislation Greek, in this case and the Commission is not aware of measures taken, at national level, by the individual Member States.

The Commission does not envisage issuing recommendations to the Member States on ceding debts by financial institutions to the third parties. However, the Commission is very attentive to the problems suffered by over-indebted households and is currently carrying out a study on households' over-indebtedness.

This study aims at finding updated information, analysing its causes and financial consequences, and listing actions for alleviating its impact.

If so, has there been a response to the Turkish authorities and what has this response been? I soldati quotidianamente rubano e uccidono il bestiame e costringono la popolazione locale con intimidazioni e violenze ad abbandonare i villaggi per fare spazio alle ruspe del governo.

L'UE ha adottato misure per fare pressione sul governo etiope per cessare le violenze nei confronti delle popolazioni che vivono lungo le sponde del fiume Omo?

Nel caso in cui le violenze non dovessero cessare, l'UE potrebbe imporre sanzioni a livello commerciale nei confronti dell'Etiopia?

The aim of the dam is to produce electricity that Ethiopia will export to Kenya, Sudan and other countries.

In addition to not bringing energy to the local Ethiopian population, the dam will have a devastating impact on the delicate ecosystem of the indigenous communities living along the banks of the river.

Furthermore, the Ethiopian Government is forcibly evicting thousands of indigenous people from their land in the Omo valley.

According to Human Rights Watch, military units regularly go to the villages to intimidate the people and suppress any dissent relating to the development of sugar cane crops.

This is because the dam, as well as producing electricity, is also supposed to act as a reservoir for the future sugar cane crops of large multinationals.

The soldiers steal and kill livestock on a daily basis, forcing the local population with intimidation and violence to leave their villages to make way for the government bulldozers.

The communities have been given a year to move. Fear is growing as violence — which has now become a daily event — increases.

There are increasingly frequent reports of beatings, rapes and arrests among the tribes near the River Omo. The EU is actively engaging the Ethiopian Government in a regular and substantial political dialogue which is part of our partnership approach with ACP countries under the Cotonou Agreement.

The EU has thus far not raised the specific issue of the Gibe 3 hydroelectric dam with the Ethiopian authorities.

However, in the dialogue with the Government of Ethiopia due attention is given to the respect for human rights and the environment in development plans, processes and interventions.

Let me assure you that we will continue to follow up these issues, including through our regular dialogue with the Ethiopian authorities. Recent studies show that the deteriorating economic and social situation caused by the current financial crisis is affecting a large part of the socially marginalised population, leading to problems in accessing suitable housing and proper living conditions.

At the same time, cuts to local authority budgets are making it impossible to construct or support the construction of hospitals, doctors' surgeries, dental surgeries, family-type houses for children in need, old people's homes and hospices, along with other public-interest projects such as social housing for poor, elderly or sick people.

What measures would the Commission propose that could be supported from Community funds with the aim of improving living conditions for socially marginalised people, including the construction of social facilities in social housing areas?

Cohesion policy has responded to the economic crisis by stimulating demand and increasing public investment.

In , the European Regional Development Fund ERDF regulation was modified to extend eligibility of social housing to marginalised communities explicitly, though not exclusively, targeting Roma marginalised communities located in urban and rural areas of all Member States.

This extended eligibility is to form part of an integrated approach, in which housing investments are accompanied by interventions in the fields such as employment, education and healthcare.

Currently, a number of programmes are being modified by Member States to take advantage of this change. The proposed Common Strategic Framework for will provide a coordinated direction for investments in Europe targets in the national, regional and local context.

For an integrated and sustainable response addressing the multiple needs of marginalised people, support for housing infrastructure can be coupled with investment by the European Social Fund in areas such as active inclusion, the integration of marginalised communities and access to quality services.

Ecologizare — proiecte agromediu Pilonul 2. Given that greening is obligatory and provides the basis for agri-environmental projects under the second pillar, how does the Commission believe that the re-utilisation of these funds can be regulated?

The greening requirements have, to a certain extent, a similar nature as the current agri-environment measures. However, commitments supported under the new agri-environment-climate measures will have to go beyond the obligations of greening, which is part of the baseline for these measures.

This means that the practices defined as being part of the greening requirements will not be eligible for the support under agri-environment-climate measures.

While the greening practices will take the form of simple, generalised, non-contractual and annual actions, agri-environment-climate operations will be more targeted, area-specific, contractual and multiannual.

This dual structure should lead to the further enhancement of the environmental performance of the CAP.

Laufzeit der finanziellen Hilfen für Griechenland und Spanien. Wie bewertet die Kommission die Belastungen für die europäischen Steuerzahlerinnen und Steuerzahler in den kommenden Wochen?

Wie bewertet die Kommission die Bereitschaft des griechischen Volkes, seinen Beitrag ganz aktiv zu leisten — also auch seinen Lebensstil den europäischen Gepflogenheiten anzupassen?

Ohne die Bereitschaft, etwas zu ändern, wird es nicht gehen. Was die finanzielle Unterstützung Spaniens angeht, besteht das Hauptziel des Programms für den Finanzsektor darin, die Widerstandsfähigkeit des gesamten Bankensektors zu erhöhen und den Marktzugang wiederherzustellen.

Der genaue Kapitalbedarf der spanischen Kreditinstitute wird derzeit von unabhängigen Wirtschaftsprüfern und Beratern ermittelt.

Der finanzielle Beistand ist an die erforderlichen bankenspezifischen und systemweiten Konditionen gebunden. EUR zur Verfügung steht, die im Bedarfsfall vor den Umstrukturierungsentscheidungen verwendet werden kann.

Die zentralen Ziele der griechischen Regierung im Rahmen des zweiten wirtschaftlichen Anpassungsprogramms sind die Verringerung des Staatsdefizits, die Rückführung des öffentlichen Schuldenstands und der finanziellen Situation auf ein tragfähiges Niveau sowie die Wiederherstellung der Wettbewerbsfähigkeit.

Zur Bewältigung der Herausforderungen, denen Griechenland derzeit gegenübersteht, bedarf es schwieriger haushaltspolitischer und struktureller Reformen mit erheblichen wirtschaftlichen und gesellschaftlichen Konsequenzen.

Griechenland führt bereits seit Beginn der Krise umfangreiche Reformen durch, die in vielen Bereichen auch bereits greifbare Ergebnisse zeigen, doch angesichts der in der Vergangenheit aufgebauten enormen Ungleichgewichte müssen diese Anstrengungen weitergehen.

According to internal EFSF reports the financial assistance for Spain will run until and that for Greece until As regards the financial support provided to Spain, the main objective of the financial sector programme is to increase the resilience of the entire banking sector and to restore its market access.

The ongoing work carried out by independent auditors and consultants will precise the amount needed by the Spanish credit institutions. The financial assistance is accompanied by the necessary bank-specific and system-wide conditionality.

Dealing with the challenges Greece is facing requires difficult fiscal and structural reforms with important economic and social consequences. Greece has already undertaken major reforms since the beginning of the crisis, many of which are already bringing tangible results, but the effort has to continue given the size of the imbalances previously accumulated.

The new Greek Government, which enjoys a large majority in Parliament, has reiterated its strong determination to deal with the challenges and take the necessary action within the EAP supported through the financial assistance by the euro area MS.

In view of the above, and bearing in mind that this provision was introduced within the framework of the Memorandum, will the Commission say:. Given that the debtor must have the right to contest a confiscation order, will it examine whether in this case the debtor's right to appeal and to have a confiscation order rescinded is safeguarded?

The provisions taken by the Ministry of Finance aiming at collecting tax debts are not mentioned as such in the European Commission's Second Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece.

Member States enjoy a great degree of autonomy in designing the procedural rules aimed at guaranteeing the effective recovery of debts claimed by the state.

The Commission is not aware of specific issues about the right of appeal of taxpayers in this context. In any event, the protection of the rights of defence in the area of national tax collection measures generally does not fall within the Commission's competence.

Does the Commission wholly support the principles put forward by the Spanish trade union regarding its appeal in relation to the Working Time Directive?

If so, what are its conclusions? The position taken by the Commission is already set out in detail in the ruling. The Commission does not consider that this judgment will have the impact suggested by the Honourable Member, and recalls that the rules governing the payment or otherwise of sick leave, as well as proof of incapacity for work, are a matter for national law.

In such an environment, will the effects of the ECJ's decision be positive on the labour market? Poland implemented this directive through its Tourist Services Act.

This Act requires travel agencies to possess appropriate bank or insurance guarantees, with the minimum amount for such guarantees having been set by the legislator.

In line with the case law of the Court of Justice, the directive does not provide for the setting of any limit on the repayment of sums paid by tourists.

What steps does it intend to take to ensure that the customers of travel agencies in Poland are better protected? As a result, Poland amended the Polish Tourism Act and adopted two new regulations which significantly strengthened the insolvency protection schemes in Poland.

Given that it proved impossible to purchase land, the resolution approved instead the transfer of land belonging to the Ministry of Defence, namely the D-8 Punta Camorro disused coastal battery, to the Centre for Migration and Global Change or Migres Foundation and the construction and funding of facilities on this land for use by the Centre.

The Commission has requested additional information concerning this resolution. The Spanish authorities have still to reply to this request.

Nevertheless, the Commission has taken and will undertake the necessary actions to ensure that the provisions of the Habitats Directive are adequately respected in relation to this project.

The Commission is in continued contact with its US counterparts at services and political level where issues relating to intellectual property are regularly raised.

These findings agree that children who have been exposed to pesticides also have a lower IQ than those who have not. In the USA action in this area was taken as early as when Congress adopted the Food Quality Protection Act, which requires risks for babies and children to be taken into account in the approval of pesticides.

For a number of pesticides this means in practice that an extra safety factor is applied in the USA, ten times higher than normal, to protect children and expectant mothers against risks.

When the Food Quality Protection Act was adopted, the effects of pesticides were uncertain. Now their harmful effect on the development of children's brains is known.

When the critical effect is judged of particular significance, such as developmental neurotoxic effects, an increased margin of safety shall be applied if necessary.

The Commission considers that current EU legislation on pesticides ensures a high level of human health protection as required by the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

This agreement includes provisions on tariff issues as well as on trade rules. Who will be responsible for carrying out checks: Who will be responsible for confiscating fraudulent products and imposing penalties?

How many GIs were created for Colombia and Peru, and what exactly were they? Peru and Colombia can develop their own legislation provided it does not conflict with the rules set out in the Agreement.

It states that more than half of the food consumed in Europe is contaminated with endocrine disruptors. A quarter of the food consumed in Europe is thus apparently contaminated by multiple pesticide residues, sometimes with more than ten pesticides in the same food.

What are its intentions as regards the future replacement of certain endocrine disruptors? According to which criteria and by what procedure will it draw up this list of endocrine disruptors which need to be replaced?

In particular, will it take into account the cumulative cocktail effects of endocrine disruptors in its assessment of the chemicals which it is envisaging replacing?

Finally, does it intend to act in favour of consumers — in particular vulnerable consumers, such as pregnant women or children, who are particularly sensitive to endocrine disruptors — so as to inform them about and protect them against these chemicals?

The European Food Safety Authority is currently working on new methodologies for cumulative risk assessment and as soon as a validated approach is available, the Commission and Member States will consider its implementation.

The Minister claimed that the power to make decisions regarding oil prospecting activities lay solely with the Spanish State, not the European Union.

Can the Commission confirm whether, contrary to the claims of the Spanish Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, it has the competence, on the basis of environmental rules and common standards, to ensure non-discriminatory access to prospecting activities?

Has the Commission investigated or does it intend to investigate the various and increasing number of oil prospecting activities being carried out in Spain?

The information will be assessed once received and the Commission will act accordingly. Based on reporting by Member States and their actions a great deal can be achieved in tackling the growing problem of marine litter, but only if ambitious targets are set for the reduction of marine litter.

Various studies point to astronomically high levels of marine litter in the Mediterranean Sea; however several studies also look at the sources of this marine litter and it does not come solely from EU Member States.

This is largely due to uncontrolled seafront dumping sites, which are a source of priority pollutants for marine ecosystems.

Outline what further measures it intends to take to tackle such non-EU sources of marine litter in the Mediterranean?

At present, a pilot study supported by funds from the Parliament is being carried out. This will address the whole basin of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hvordan mener Kommissionen, at medlemsstaterne kan garantere, at forordning EF nr. De kan endvidere suspendere eller annullere transportvirksomhedens autorisation eller godkendelsescertifikatet for transportmidlet.

Before long-distance transport between Member States or to a third country, the veterinarian is required to verify that the truck has a valid certificate for long journeys.

This means it is sufficient that the veterinarian checks the existence of the document; the veterinarian is, however, not required to check the truck itself nor the condition of the animals.

If so, does it believe that the Member States have the financial and personnel resources to carry out the checks that would be necessary just to make long-distance transport possible, rather than transporting meat and carcasses instead?

In the case of long journeys between Member States and with third countries, official checks at the place of departure for fitness for transport have to be performed before the loading as part of the animal health checks.

They usually take place within 24 hours before departure. In addition, animals may be checked by officials in slaughterhouses, assembly centres and control posts where competent authorities operate regularly.

In addition, they may suspend or withdraw the authorisation of the transporter or the certificate of approval of the means of transport.

Member States have the primary responsibility for ensuring a satisfactory level of protection for animals during transport. For this purpose, Member States have laid down rules on penalties applicable to infringements that are designed to be dissuasive.

Oltre 50 operatori sanitari in due differenti zone in India hanno ammesso di aver ricevuto obiettivi numerici di sterilizzazione femminile.

Gli ordini in questione sono stati impartiti da direttori o altri dirigenti sanitari, che hanno minacciato i lavoratori con il taglio o il congelamento del salario o con un possibile licenziamento in caso di mancato conseguimento degli obiettivi loro imposti.

Questi possono variare da 5 sterilizzazioni per persona per anno a una per mese. Per rispettarli, gli operatori sanitari sono obbligati a mettere in pratica una ricerca aggressiva di potenziali clienti che, spesso, sono conoscenti o vicini dell'operatore.

Secondo lo Human Rights Watch, suddetta prassi costituisce una duplice violazione dei diritti umani. In primo luogo, l'imposizione di una quota di sterilizzazioni femminili costituisce una violazione dei diritti degli operatori sanitari che li obbliga a modificare i fascicoli o a manipolare le donne per farle acconsentire alla procedura.

In secondo luogo, si tratta di una violazione dei diritti delle donne. Queste non dovrebbero essere perseguitate con informazioni per decidere sulla propria salute riproduttiva e, indubbiamente, non dovrebbero essere sottoposte a pressioni volte a farle optare per una tale decisione da parte di operatori sanitari che cercano di rispettare gli obiettivi loro imposti e forniscono informazioni falsate circa i rischi per la sicurezza o le conseguenze di un tale intervento.

Quali sono le opzioni di cui dispone l'Europa per trattare questa violazione dei diritti umani? Da osservazioni fatte durante numerose missioni di verifica risulta che i metodi di pianificazione familiare — comprendenti il posticipo del primo parto, le nascite intervallate e la sterilizzazione — si basano su consulenze e decisioni volontarie e consapevoli da parte delle persone direttamente interessate.

Over 50 health workers in two different boroughs in India have admitted to being given target numbers for female sterilisations. These orders come from supervisors or other high-ranking health officials, and workers are threatened with salary cuts and freezes or with possible job loss if they fail to meet their targets.

Targets can be anywhere from five sterilisations per person per year to one per month. To meet this quota, workers are forced to aggressively pursue potential clients, often those who come from among their personal acquaintances or neighbourhoods.

According to Human Rights Watch, such a practice is a twofold violation of human rights. First, it is a violation of the rights of the workers to give them a quota for female sterilisation — one that requires them to either manipulate records or manipulate women into agreeing to the procedure.

Second, it is a violation of the rights of the women. However, according to India's Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, they have no coercive family planning programmes, and there are no longer any targets for sterilisation.

Some of the Ministry's schemes nevertheless recommend and carry out sterilisation after the birth of a third child, though according to the Government the basis for such sterilisation is always voluntary, in line with the country's policy on population stabilisation.

According to observations made during many review missions, family planning methods — which include the delay of first birth, child-spacing, and sterilisation — are based on counselling and voluntary, informed decisions by those directly involved.

While it cannot be excluded that some irregularities such as those reported by Human Rights Watch may occur, the Government of India does not condone these practices.

Tänker kommissionen kartlägga i vilken grad denna typ av varumärkeslicensiering används för närvarande och vad detta betyder för den europeiska ekonomin, särskilt skatteuppbörden?

This Member also raised the issue of foreign companies using, for instance, trademark licensing regimes to move profits accumulated on the European market to owners abroad, irrespective of the activities undertaken by those foreign companies on the European market with respect to manufacturing or vending.

Is the Commission currently planning to map the extent to which this type of trademark licensing practise is currently in use and its implications for the European economy, and in particular the tax institutions?

The Commission would like to inform the Honourable Member that it is not currently planning to conduct any mapping or investigation of trade mark licensing practices by foreign companies on the European market.

As a result, the Commission is not in a position to indicate whether any specific country or sector could be potentially covered if such an investigation were to materialise.

Malmström wil nog veel meer immigratie naar Europa. Kan de Commissie aangeven welke EU-lidstaten volgens Malmström meer migranten zouden moeten toelaten, en waarom?

Waarom schuift de Commissie deze verantwoordelijkheid af op de nationale politici? Hoe gaat de Commissie ervoor zorgen dat immigranten braaf in de lidstaten blijven die zich in de visie van de Commissie demografisch incorrect ontwikkelen?

De lidstaten blijven echter zelf bepalen hoeveel economische migranten zij willen toelaten. Integratie is een plaatselijke aangelegenheid en het integratiebeleid moet zo dicht mogelijk bij die plaats worden ontwikkeld.

Hoewel de lidstaten en de steden grote inspanningen hebben geleverd, doen zich nog veel problemen voor op het gebied van integratie.

Goede integratie vergt inspanningen op alle niveaus. Zoals blijkt uit de International Migration Outlook van de OECD, is de vraag naar arbeidskrachten sterk van invloed op de keuze van het land van bestemming.

De lidstaten kunnen nog steeds beperkingen stellen aan het aantal blauwekaarthouders dat zij toelaten vanuit een andere lidstaat.

Malmström acknowledges the failure of the policy of integration and the fact that ghettoes have formed in European cities, but she blames national politicians for this, saying that they have not acted with sufficient vigour.

Can the Commission explain why on the one hand it has arrogated to itself the power to impose an immigration policy on Member States at European level, but on the other hand it is not taking responsibility for the failure of integration, for example, which is caused by nothing else but its own policy?

Why does the Commission pass the buck to national politicians in this regard? Will the Commission therefore give national politicians the chance to decide on immigration policy for themselves?

How will the Commission ensure that immigrants dutifully remain in the Member States which according to the Commission are developing in a demographically incorrect manner?

However, Member States remain responsible for determining the number of economic migrants they admit.

The Union may also provide incentives and support to Member States' integration measures but the Treaty excludes any harmonisation of the laws and regulations of the Member States.

Integration happens locally and integration policies should be developed as close as possible to the ground. Despite important efforts in the Member States and their cities, many integration challenges still remain.

Successful integration requires efforts at all levels. There are labour and skills shortages that these migrants help to fill, in view of the ageing EU population and declining working-age population.

As shown by the OECD in its International Migration Outlook , labour market demand strongly affects the choice of country for migration.

Member States may continue to apply volumes of admission to Blue Card holders, who seek to relocate from one Member State to another. While Russia is blocking all initiatives at the UN to denounce Syria, the revolt is being put down with a brutality that has rarely been matched.

These figures are unlikely to decrease, quite the opposite in fact, while reception facilities for those refugees on the ground are limited in many instances.

In Europe, very different approaches are being taken to dealing with asylum requests from Syrian nationals. Given the current situation in Syria, many Member States have closed their embassies or consulates in Syria.

Is she considering calling on the Member States to respect a moratorium that prohibits the return of nationals from third countries to Syria?

The Commission is working towards the establishment of a Regional Protection Programme in support of refugees from Syria, to address their most pressing needs related to international protection without forcing them to leave the region.

Resettlement is offered to those refugees considered most vulnerable, primarily to those that cannot access other durable solutions.

The Pilot Project on Emergency Resettlement for may fund resettlement of refugees from Syria and from the region. The network is currently operated by the public company Aigües Ter Llobregat.

The desalination plants will be used only to the extent needed to ensure that they function properly and during periods of extreme drought.

However, the project does not take account of or comply with the terms of the management plan for Catalonia's internal river basins, the minimum river flow plan or the National Hydrological Plan for the implementation of the Water Framework Directive.

The project also includes plans that will involve abstractions of river water and groundwater and water treatment and desalination.

This will lead to increased energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases. The project should therefore be subject to the Strategic Environmental Assessment procedure.

There is no European rule to prevent the beneficiary to confer the management and the exploitation of an EU co-financed infrastructure to a private company.

The RBMP of Catalonia, as reported by the Spanish authorities, does not provide information on a project such as the one referred to in the question.

The Commission will ask the Spanish authorities for information on this project and, in particular, on its compliance with WFD objectives.

The relevance of the two directives for this project should also be clarified upon receipt of the requested information from the Spanish authorities.

Da relevante instanser f. Islands of plastic pollution, which have accumulated over time with sea currents and are in the process of disintegrating, are a growing problem in European waters.

In Denmark local authorities are interested in tackling the problem before the islands disintegrate and cause pollution. For example the municipality of Lemvig in Western Jutland Denmark has broadly speaking all the skills that are needed to deal with the problem: Since the relevant bodies e.

Is the Commission aware of this problem, and has it planned or is it planning any measures in this area? The Commission is aware of the problem of marine litter and has initiated a number of activities.

The main focus of the Commission's activities is to prevent litter entering the marine environment. Axis 1 of the European Fisheries Fund could support such measures as a means to diversify the activity of fishermen.

It is entirely up to the Member State concerned whether this option is taken up. The Commission proposes that such an opportunity be continued in the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund which will come into operation in Moreover, currently the European Regional Development Fund may offer support for innovative solutions in the areas of environmental technology, methods or processes; the Member State may opt for this as well.

The Commission proposal on the European Regional Development Fund for the period which is under negotiation with the Council and the Parliament, also emphasises investments in innovation.

I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about the treatment of Rohingya Muslims in Burma Myanmar. My constituent claims that there are reports which confirm that the Rohingya Muslims are the most oppressed minority in Asia.

He claims that innocent Rohingya Muslims are being persecuted, lynched and mass murdered, with reports that thousands have been killed.

What pressure is the Commission exerting on the Myanmar Government to stop the murder and lynching of Burmese Rohingya Muslims?

This project aims at providing support and assistance to displaced population and returnees of the North Rakhine State and their hosting communities in the fields of livelihoods and water and sanitation.

The European Union Solidarity Fund was set up in order to respond in a rapid, efficient and flexible manner to come to the aid of any Member State in the event of a major natural disaster.

Could the Commission provide a detailed table of the money spent each time the instrument has been mobilised, along with the total amount spent since it was established?

Moreover, could the Commission provide information on the average time taken from the receipt of an application for mobilisation of the Fund from the authorities of a Member State until the disbursement of the aid to that Member State?

Detailed information on each of these cases and summary overviews are contained in the annual reports on the Solidarity Fund which may also be found on the Solidarity Fund website at.

The Commission considers that the Solidarity Fund is not sufficiently responsive and that the time needed to grant aid is too long. A legislative proposal is currently under consideration.

Echter, de tweede alinea van zijn antwoord bevat onduidelijkheden over zonne-energie die verheldering behoeven. Over het algemeen worden onder productiekosten verstaan de kosten van de productiemiddelen om tot een eindproduct te komen.

Productiekosten kunnen worden ingedeeld naargelang hun afhankelijkheid van de productieomvang. Op die manier worden constante en variabele kosten onderscheiden.

Hierbij moet gedacht worden aan bijvoorbeeld afschrijvingskosten van gebouwen of machines. Variabele kosten zijn kosten die afhangen van de productieomvang.

Hiertoe behoren bijvoorbeeld kosten voor grondstoffen of verpakking. Ik kan mij voorstellen dat door het verlenen van subsidies meer zonnecellen kunnen worden geproduceerd dan zonder subsidies.

Daardoor worden de constante kosten verdeeld over een groter aantal cellen en worden de vaste kosten per cel verlaagd. Ben ik nog steeds op het goede spoor?

Betekent dit dat door het verlenen van subsidies het systeem van subsidieverstrekking moet worden aangepast?

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